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We want to offer you the best beach umbrellas around and as a result we have developed special features that make the time you spend under our top covers a little bit special.


Summarized instructions on how to install your SANDLOK Point in sand
1 Push lower shaft down firmly in sand and rock slowly from side to side in 90 degree arc (see diagram). The wider the angle the deeper the hole.
2 Fill the resulting hole with dry sand. Hot sand around the point sets quicker.
3 Gently shake and then firmly tap shaft to lock in sand around SANDLOK point.
4 If sand is damp or wet, fill hole with water and tap shaft to lock up
Tip from the inventor: Take a small garden trowel with you to the beach. Once you have found your spot sweep the dry sand to one side. Dig a narrow hole in the sand and lower shaft into the hole at depth marked. Fill hole with hot dry sand and tap the upper part of lower shaft to lock it into the sand. Once lower shaft firmly in place add the top shaft.


The GROUNDLOK point is designed to allow use of your outdoor umbrella away from the sand.
Summarized installation instructions for GROUNDLOK point:
Step 1: Select site where you want to stand your umbrella. Check for overhead obstacles. Consider the soil type (see step 4).
Step 2: Remove lower shaft of umbrella from top shaft by lifting the latch lock at the top of the lower shaft.
Step 3: Remove SANDLOK point by pushing the button on the lower shaft
Step 4a (soft soil) If the surface is soft, attach the GROUNDLOK point to the lower shaft and push into soil (you may choose to use the footrest to push the point into the ground).
Step 4b (hard soil): If the surface is very hard, hammer the GROUNDLOK point into the ground, then reattach the lower shaft to the secure point.
Step 5: Attach upper shaft, open umbrella and enjoy!


For umbrellas with EZYTILT, lift the metal safety cover in upper shaft, to allow the top cover to tilt. You can tilt your EZYTILT umbrella top cover into a 45 degree and a full 90 degree turn by pushing the highest part of the top shaft sideways. The first click you hear will be the 45 degree position. The second click will be the 90 degree position. You can push the upper shaft left or right depending on the direction of protection you are seeking. Warning in strong winds your umbrella should not be in the tilt position as there is chance that wind can fill the top cover and tip over and damage the umbrella.
To return your umbrella into upright position you reverse the procedures outlined above. That is, push the highest part of upper shaft back to perpendicular position and then allow the metal safety cover to fall back into place.


For those purchasing the lower cost model without the SANDLOK point, the SAND TWISTER offers a secure way of holding your umbrella in the beach in light windy conditions. Remove the black insert at the top and store in a safe place for use for thinner umbrellas. Screw into sand using the top handle until top is level with the sand. On the side these is a screw button which needs to be tightened immediately after you slip your lower pole inside the top.

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