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You have selected a SANDLOK beach umbrella that was invented, developed and is owned in Australia.
Mr Rod Bellette who has lived in Melbourne for many years is the inventor of the SANDLOK Point, EZYTILT and GROUNDLOK Point. Rod is currently living in Patterson Lakes and he also has a strong interest in Queensland opals that he polishes and sells in various markets.


In the 1940s Rod was employed as a young Jackeroo in the Dawson Valley, Queensland. During the hot summers temporary fences had to be built to prevent the cattle from moving through the dry river beds. Rod watched the older Jackeroos push slim sapling posts into soft sand and wondered how they could hold the weight of the heavy fence wires that were carried across the river beds. Eventually Rod learnt the truth about the amazing strength the posts carried. The secret strength of the posts lay in the crowbar type blade point that was fashioned by the Jackeroos knives at one end before being eased into the sand. Further hot sand was then kicked into the resulting hole, a couple of shakes made and the posts were quickly locked into place.
The sapling was later easily removed by bumping the head of the post a couple of times to break the lock and ensure it was easily lifted out.
Many years later Rod developed the above ideas to design the extraordinary simple but very safe and effective SANDLOK safety point. Subsequent tests at 2 universities proved the extraordinary strength and how the SANDLOK Point could carry very heavy weights in an enclosed box of sand.


About 20 years ago Rod developed his own beach umbrellas and he wanted an easy way to move the top cover so the user could be protected in the umbrella shade as the sun moved. Rod considered the technology of the existing umbrellas as very amateurish in moving the top cover. So using his engineering knowledge and thinking outside the square, Rod came up with a pawl that moved and held the umbrella in 2 places. One was a 45 degree angle and the other was a 90 degree angle. To ensure maximum safety a steel safety cover was added that fell down when EZYTILT was not in use. So EZYTILT was built to give you maximum all day shade and wind protection.


A few years ago Rod noticed Telstra workers working on junction boxes in the midday sun with no sun protection. So how could he make his beach umbrellas with their SANDLOK points stand up in the grass? A few weeks later Rod developed the GROUNDLOK Point with 2 steel cross blades with a smooth strong head and a button that would be able to take the place of the SANDLOK Point. So now as an optional extra you can buy a GROUNDLOK Point to take with you exploring Australia or just seeking sun protection in your own back yard.
So please think of Rod when you are lying enjoying yourself very well protected from the hot sun.

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